Saturday, January 19, 2013

Featuring: Winter Brights

It may be cold and gray out but that doesn't mean you have to dress to match.
Quite the contrary. Dress to fight the gloom with winter brights! These festive pops of color will cheer you up and help you stand out against the cold.

Shop Vintage Heaven for our selection of winter brights! All the featured pieces are for sale, so be sure to stop in this weekend and add some color to your closet.

1960s Tangerine Pencil Skirt

1980s Violet Wool Bomber Jacket

Hot Pink Fisherman Sweater // Yellow Silk Print Scarf

1960s Kelly Green Plaid Schoolgirl Skirt

1980s Scarlett Georgia O'Keefe-Inspired Silky Top

1960s Turquoise Suede Dress

Bubblegum Pink Turban // Hot Pink Oxford Flats

Stay warm and hope to see you soon!