Saturday, October 6, 2012

Highlights From Last Big Sale

                                                         Jenstyle & Karyn Dethrose
The King of Heaven Gallery, David Dobie

Dinosaur Jr. Chillin Out

Rhea Melting in front of light sculpture

Coralynn shopping her own rack

Happy Shopper

Lacy & Laura

Laura and her proud parents

Sara Lovestory and her hubby


Treat Yo Self

Beautiful Shopper

The newlyweds!

Pimp Daddy Kane

Pulp Fiction Flash Back


The back of Sam

Karyn wearin no bra

New Purse from Alma VH

1950s Lucite Bracelet

MJ Coat
The real Lovestory

Mysterious Shopper

1970s Razza

Dinosaur Jr. 2



Treat Yo Self to some Jimmy John Drink


Jewelry Vultures

Fickle Feet

Rose Vintage