Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vintage Heaven's fellowship

This past weekend VH ladies did not let the heat bring them down.
They enjoyed the shoppers and fellowship with one another.
The feeling here is 100% community, our customers are drawn to this type of zen environment, 
not to mention our good taste in clothes.

A few sellers attempt to explain why they love selling.
One seller said nothing makes them happier than playing vintage match maker.
Finding that person who loves their piece and has to have it.
Another seller described it as finding a good home for their foster vintage.
Either way it is our shared obsession with all things beautiful and interesting. 

We sellers were also doing a lot of shopping in our neighboring booths, some sellers
did complete costume changes after finding something made for them.
Vintage Heaven sure does make shopping feel magical.

                                             maggie from lipstick dinosaur and Hung collar table
                                           We spotted sellers exchanging tips and strategy
This sale is not just about selling, we are learning to interact with you customers while branding our style.                  

                                         Two of my favorite VH ladies Lacy and Jenstyle

                                             Vintage Heaven's piano of treasure

                                         Merl from mo vintage and Karyn from Dethrose Vintage
                                                      Mo Vintage Booth
                                                     Tracy from on the fly vintage
                                             Kyla from lost and find and Sara lovestory

                                         Lacy and Jen texting and checking their FB

                                           Nora and Jess from red rabbit and my noma

                                              My noma Jewelry table of goodies
                                                 VH Ladies right at home chatting it up
                                                      Jen and Karyn
                                                            Mary Miller illusrations
                                                    VH girls hanging out and laughing
                                                              Dethrose table
                                               Nora of My noma studying her customer

                                                                     Mo vintage table

                                                        Vendor friendships
                                                  Vintage Heaven accessorie table

                                          Parents of vintage heaven, Alma and David

                                             Treat yo self starts a crowd

                                             Sara lovestory table of goodies