Thursday, June 28, 2012


WE ARE THE WEST began in the east. The upright bass, guitar/voice duo has performed and recorded in Brooklyn lofts and haylofts, storm drains and shipping containers, sheep farms and abandoned convents, beneath the autumn leaves of western New York and in the green heart of the Dutch countryside. Now back in California they perform in a monthly concert series, which they host the Saturday before each full moon in the underground parking garage of an office building. WE ARE THE WEST is John Kibler and Brett Hool.
WE ARE THE WEST is proud to announce the release of its debut EP. The 3 track self-titled release was recorded in the underground parking garage of an office building onto an old 8 track tape machine. The natural acoustics of the space and the duo’s approach to making music create a sound both honest and intimate.
Performing at Heaven Gallery Fri. June 29th at 8pm
Opening set by Ben Boyd
$10 suggested donation