Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zzouzi Vintage coming to the next VH!

We love to keep our vintage in the family, here Zzouzi Vintage is another sister team. They started doing VH last year and were one of the most coveted booths of the Big Sale. Here is a sample of what's coming to the sale.

 We love all vintage aztec way better than the new aztec, why get imitaion when you can have the real thing.

Like this colorful 80's tote bag,  we love the cylindrical shape, you don't see that very often.
 Check out this 1970's piece of vintage lux, a embossed mexican leather bag.
We love tan leather for the summer. Perfect to wear with a white dress and tan leather sandals.

 Wow this bold Aztec cape with detailed scarf is off the chain good. I'm thinking great for summer nights when you need a little wrap. Perfect with jeans, tank and sandals.
 Who doesn't love this 1970's copper turquoise bunny to wear with your classic jeans and tee.
 This floral printed cocktail dress is ridiculous.
Love the red hair and lips as accessories.
Look out Joan she's taking your shine.
 The queen of 70's maxi dress. I love the styling in this photo. This color blocked, sheer sleeve dress is to die for all you need is a good party to wear it to.
 Accessories accessories how we love thee. What's better than vintage you can keep wearing with different things? The answer is nothing.
Check out this croc leather belt with this stylized closure.
Fashion to die for, 60's cat eye glasses.
Eye wear that reads sexy smart woman with style.

I don't know about you but my wallets itching to spend in this booth.