Friday, October 28, 2011

Sold to stylish blondie! Cigarette jumper from Dethrose Vintage
sweetie pie baby girls doing it up 60's and 70's
love love that dress.
a stylish shopper with good lipstick
Sold! 80's jean jacket from Vintage heaven
Kortney we love you so effortless cool.

shopping yayyyy
snag that fashion girl
purses from tempting relics
tempting relics sporting vintage fur sweater...we love it!
always cute Frances from venus meets vintage
new to the scene n can't remember her name....... my bad

shopper going for the 80's professor look
get in them racks. get that good stuff
penguiny vintage with her new hair cut and it looks great
he wanted that kitty so bad.

beaded purple business from jen style sold!
Fur hat from Vintage Heaven sold to this bright young lady
visiting fron NY this cool lady had to buy this neon shirt from jenstyle
happy shoppers having fun playing dress up
Vintage Heaven display of accessories
mink fur earrings yes please!
Leah the vintage queen
dethrose vintage display
get out! no really get out these girls are too cute n I don't want them looking better than me.