Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photos from our August Sale!!!

Purses, purses, and more purses!

Our very talented grant writer, Wendy, and her adorable friend.

She wore her outfit out!

Two extremely happy shoppers!

She looks so pretty in this dress reconstructed by Kourtney.

OMG, so many accessories!

Look at that precious baby! Baby Bubbles!!!

Sold to this stunning shopper!

I heart Kourtney.

So much joy :)

Satisfied customer rockin vintage Valentino shades.

Alma lookin fine, per usual, in her cat-eye glasses and multiple cuffs.

Alma's amazing engagement ring. Dave, you have excellent taste!

Beautiful Jen, from Jenstyle, helping a very stylish customer.

She looks sooo good! Look at that neon pink blazer!

Alma's fedora collection.

OhMyMint Vintage!

So many goodies!

People coming together at Vintage Heaven!

Jen and Karen talking business.

Alma hugging the cutest puppy!!!

Puppy eager to come check out our big vintage sale upstairs!

Look at that sweet face!

Vintage poster.

Customer droppin some dolla dolla bills!

I love Sarah... SO MUCH!

The lovely Karen, from Dethrose, giving her 50's frocks a rest in this adorable t-shirt mini dress.

The always endearingly jovial Jen flaunting her new messenger bag!

Alma posing with Amy Creyer from ChicagoStreetStyle.

Francis not doing her job hahaha...

Alma's amazing pieces

Alma and Heaven intern, Shy, chatting about fashion.


What a stud-muffin!

And he actually plays the piano.

Such a grateful customer!!! Please, come back soon!