Thursday, August 11, 2011

customers wearing their new purchase in front of favorite art piece at heaven

Fiona chooses these 90's brown leather heeled oxfords pairing it with knee highs for a smart sexy look.

She also bought these awesome 80's navy peek toe heels.
Can I please burrow these legs for a weekend I promise to give them back.

Fiona loves shopping vintage and I'm sure she was tired after carrying all her bags of vintage goodies home last night. Here are her pics, 60's shimmer top paired with 80's printed gold mini. She is in front of Jason Lazarus photo and Adam Hoff Photo.

We love the 90's with this over the top Jumbo jeweled belt. Sold to this girl who says she had to have it. Her favorite art piece like 80% of our customers is Adam Hoff " dinning room".

Who says guys can't have fun, this cutie bought this crazy jane fonda workout leotard and his only regrets is he didn't have it for lolla.....u know polooza.

1950's black cocktail hat bought by this vacationer from L.A. She loves Montgomery Perry smith's "Creamy" sculpture on view now at heaven.

70's sunglasses and 80's creamy belt sold to this pretty lady