Monday, March 28, 2011

March BIG sale

Fashion designer Alma Wieser (also one of Vintage Heaven's organizers and sellers) and gallerist Dave Dobie from Heaven Gallery.

Dave looking FAB!

Gorgeous sisters Michelle and Lisa from The Roo Vintage and a bit of their amazing selection below:

Sara from Lovestory Vintage looked SO CUTE with her headband! Hope you got better, Sara!! See a selection of her accessories below:

Jen from Jenstyle and her fierce Rodarte dress. PS: It had bows along the back! *For some obscure reason I didn't shoot more of Jen's products but I have to say they are AMAZING and her prices are the best, so please check out her site here.

Karyn, the belle from Dethrose Vintage, once more bringing the cutest "classic not costume" vintage to the sale:

Karyn sporting a hat from Lovestory Vintage.

Frances from Venus Meets Vintage looking cute and fresh for the sale. See more of her adorable selection below:

Tracey and Adrienne Baskin from shopNOV and their selection of chic accessories:

Ala also brought some vintage pieces from Voila Ola.

Sisters Lisa and Tanya from Bunny's Trunk Show showed up with some stunning jewelry, as per usual.

Jennifer Poulos from Ontology Vintage shows a bit of her great style (and pieces).

Kate from Katemade and a bit of the accessories she was selling (check out her handmade clothing line here).

No Marjie!! People should stay in! Marjie from Pianosaurus and her right hand friend whose name I totally forget right now! Marjie, let me know?

Marjie's cute selection of purses (above) and postcards (below).

Stephanie also popped in to sell some cool ties and accessories.

Aly from Bow La Beau and her gorgeous bow line (she also brought her vintage selection, Grandma Marie Vintage).

Fashion illustrator Mary Miller came to sell her art and a also a few vintage blazers:

Jason from Dorsia Shannon Vintage (right) and his boyfriend. See a bit more of his cool men's selection below:

Carmen brought in some of her finds, check out this amazing top for just 6 bucks (below).

Melissa from Vintage Freak and one of the freakishly awesome bags she was selling (above).

Karyn, Melissa and Frances shaking their moneymaker (oh wait, Karyn is just shaking the money).

Our Gallery of ÜBER STYLISH Shoppers

Elise shows a fab find from shopNOV:


Wes and Angela

Gabrielle from Gabrielle Zwick Designs (who often sells with us too).

Ben from hit vintage shop Sisterman Chicago.

Love her cardigan!

Alaskan beauty Megan stopped by in all her glory and got these amazing pieces from The Roo Vintage (above) and Jenstyle (below):

Nikki!! When you see her you know there's good vintage around. Check her blog here.

Jordana and her dressed-up crowd stopped by.

Yinyu and her friend

Nicole from The Style Tribe

Look at this amazing bag from Alma!! My friend Paula would love it...

Luis and Lindsay, two super cute fashionistas who came to check us out, check out Luis's cool blog too: ChiCityTrends.