Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February BIG sale

Alma sewed and sold the whole weekend.

Karyn from Dethrose Vintage was incredibly amazing (what else is new?) in her technicolor look.

Jason Rodriguez from Dorsia Shannon Vintage brought a super cool men's selection (but that bag I got for myself).

The girls from The Roo Vintage came to sell with us for the first time, and we hope they come back because they're great, check their selection below:

(OMG horse and leopard at the same time?? LOVE it!)

Jen from Jenstyle looking SWELL! And of course her mom, Ms. Tony, also never disappoints us:

Sara from Lovestory Vintage shows one of her super cute dresses (she has lots of those).

Lauren brought her collection of handmade pillow box hats (below):

Sarah Louise from Slubird Vintage (our next flyer girl!) shows her Branchbound handmade accessory line (below):

[ATTENTION SELLERS: would anyone like to sell a few accessories for Sarah in the upcoming March sale? Please let me know if you do.]

Michael (Sarah Louise's boyfriend) is so NOT playing this piano...

Leah from Onomatopoeia and her always present smile.

Frances from Venus Meets Vintage wearing a headband made by herself.

Almita and a fabulous jacket she got from Dethrose Vintage.

Gabrielle trying on a Lovestory Vintage dress and displaying her Gabrielle Zwick Designs accessory collection below:

Marjie from Pianosaurus stopped by.

Ruthie from The Red Eye came over for a little chat.

ANNA!! One of the most stylish girls in town.

Sam from Brilliant Pebbles and his friends.

Kelly and her fierce sweater

Amy from Chicago Streetstyle Scene and her fab polar bear coat.

Our Portuguese guests

Matt "The Gaudy God" Kasin (below) shows how to accessorize a purse (above).

Ala from Alanna ready to go home.

How cute is that?

Thanks to all vendors and shoppers who came by. Our next sale will be on March 19th and 20th, save the date!