Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas BIG sale

Almita (above) shows some fab jewelry (below):

Nicole Hughes from BombshellShocked (above) stopped by to say hi.

Dethrose Vintage's cute selection (above) and its owner Karyn (below) just chilling:

Tony (above) came by to say hi and wow all the ladies.

Super sweet Megan

Tina and her awesome sweater.

Marcellus dropped by to get a cute something to his girl.

Colorful purses and belts by Vintage Freak.

Frances from Venus Meets Vintage.

Ola from Voila Ola, Ala + Ania from Alanna (Ala also makes her own designs, check them out here).

Juli from Individjuli and Marjie W. from Pianosaurus (see their cool display below).

Tanya from Bunny's Trunk Show always bringing stuff we can't resist.

Leah from Onomatopoeia looks so well-behaved here... a rare moment!

Natalie from Little Miss Mashup (front).

Sara from Lovestory and Jen from Jenstyle.

Ms. Tony, Jen's super elegant mom wearing her fiercest outfit yet.

Lacy, Jen's BFF and Vintage Heaven regular.

See some of Jenstyle's sweaters (we got THE COOLEST sweaters at Vintage Heaven) below:

A few more cute items from Jen:

See you on January 8th and 9th!