Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our December flyer

OMG do we love our December flyer! We went to The Violet Hour for the photoshoot, and it was FUN. The location was perfect and so were our models - and the cocktails!

The hunk you see on the left is called Tony Bryan, who's a fashion stylist repped by Ford, a model and a musician. And one of the most stylish lads in Chicago. A modern and hipper version of Don Draper.

The beauty on the right is Lindsey Leyland, who's basically the perfect girl: she can cook, dance, has fabulous taste for clothes and decor, is funny and sweet, good with kids... and I promise you, all that perfection doesn't get one bit annoying since she's so unassuming. You can see a bit more of her at Lenny and Me, a must-go vintage store down the block from Vintage Heaven. She's the one responsible for their gorgeous shop windows and some of their greatest finds. Now if you wanna see A LOT more of her (with plenty of class, let's make it clear), go check her burlesque routine with her friend Erin. The duo is called Honey B. Combe, and you can get performance updates on Erin's blog and Facebook.