Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November BIG sale

Alma wearing one of the awesome hats she made for her latest collection. And the stylish lady below is doing the same:

Marcellus and Jessica

Karyn from Dethrose Vintage and her gorgeous selection (below).

Jen from Jenstyle, where Matt (below) got two fab jackets, including a Carrie Bradshaw fur coat (you know the one?).

Jen and her BFF Lacy, who came sell with us for the first time.

The always fabulous Ms. Tony, Jen's mom.

Ola from Voila Ola and her beau

Ala also came to sell with us this time, see her jewelry below:

Check out how stylish our shoppers are:

Justin, one of the super stylists that often come check our sale.

Frances from Venus Meets Vintage and some of the lovely fur she brought.

Marjie W. from Pianosaurus, one of our new sellers we love (NSWL).

Sarah Louise from Slubird and a couple of her super cute items.

Sarah Louise's Branchbound selection, handmade by her.

Sarah and her buddy Alma (yes, two Almas in da haus!).

Sarah's significant other, Michael

Tanya from Bunny's Trunk Show, where I got the most amazing jewelry last weekend.

NY stylist Griffin came to pay us a visit and went crazy with Alma's latest collection (he's wearing one of her dresses). Also he showed us when he was spotted by The New Yorker as one of the most stylish people from NY fashion week (above). PS: he was wearing a jacket he bought from us - which I had previously got from Kokorokoko, let's be fair...

Karyn (above) and Megan (below) try on the fab cape from Venus Meets Vintage.

Melissa from Vintage Freak came in a quick buh-bye.

Gina!!! I love your style!

Nick came to check out our men's selection and found this cool 80's graphic sweater.

And this is the sign you should look for when walking down Milwaukee on December 11th and 12th, our next sale. The sign might be modest, but come up and see how luxurious we are! Luxurious and affordable, what else do you need? ; )