Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August BIG sale during Wicker Park Fest

Another month, another Vintage Heaven BIG sale, another perfect opportunity for me to spend all the money I made as a vendor and then some BECAUSE YOU GUYS BROUGHT SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!

(oh, btw: my wacky computer erased some pictures as I imported them. So some products are not being shown and unfortunately you won't be able to see Lisa's and Tanya's big smiles this time...)

Alma found some opportunity to go shopping on this sale (thanks to Kiki's help).

Shopper Rose and her awesome frames.



Frances from Venus Vintage (she's also the star of our next flyer).

Ala and Ania from Alanna show one of the beautiful purses they sell ($25).

Ola from Voila Ola and the dress she's selling for $25 (notice the super feminine see-thru sleeves).

Robyn and Joe from Take 2 Vintage

Robyn shows one of their awesome purses ($45)

Marie from Great Grandma Agnes (that tan leather purse is now mine for only $35).

Morgan and Jayson from Manly Vintage (and yes Jayson, you should wear hats!).

PS: Don't miss out on their Manly Awards coverage. They gave us the honor of distributing them at Vintage Heaven and the categories were: creepiest mustache, tightest jeans, best tattoo, four eyes award, hey nice shirt! and - my favorite - random bored guy (my husband would have won that, I wish he'd come...)

Chris holds the vintage Marshall Fields trench that now belongs to my husband FOR ONLY 20 BUCKS!!! Chris, you're nuts...

Amy from Schmoo 1515 and two of her fave items: a $28 top and a $38 dress.

Bunny's Trunk Show's gorgeous pieces

Melissa of Vintage Freak models the dress she got from Jenstyle (and then sells me some fabulous fur).

Jen from Jenstyle (Jen, I lost the jacket picture but don't worry, I can see it every day now).

Brittany and Lynn of Miss Ohio Vintage, straight from St. Louis. Lynn is holding a dress and a jacket they were selling for $15 and $20 respectively.

Kiki and the dress she was selling for only $20!

Sara from Lovestory Vintage and two of her classy vintage pieces.

Karyn from Dethrose Vintage (former Max & Chloe) and her fab selection.

A shopper sports Vintage Heaven's mascot, Alma's crab headpiece from her Chanel x Schiaparelli collection.

Noelle and her new 'do.

Samm and Katie

Katie from Katemade and two of her creations.

Lana from Broken Hip Vintage shows a couple of her pieces.

Sarah from Shikama Jewelry wearing one of her unique necklaces (see some more here).

Thank you so much to all vendors and shoppers who came this time! It was so fun, especially with so much beer being sold right by our door... : )) See you next time! Mark on you calendar: September 4th and 5th from 12 to 6 pm.