Saturday, July 10, 2010

July BIG sale

Alma shows her fab jewelry.

Kayla from Blooms of Industry and her one-of-a-kind necklaces.

Melissa and Grissel from Vintage Freak, where I got this awesome top (among many other things, including the most versatile piece of jewelry ever - it can be used as a belt, headband, necklace, bracelet, back scratcher etc.).

Sarah from Slubird Vintage shows one of her delicate dresses ($40) and wears a headband crafted by herself (see more of her work here).

Kate and Chris show some of their fab finds: a Ralph Lauren jacket ($50) and a super 80's cropped top ($15).

Carolyn from Substance Designs brought her amazing jewelry selection (and smile).

The two Anias and the most ethereal dress ever.

Jayson and Morgan from Manly Vintage showing the best in "guy decor" (actually great decor for all genders).

$35 clock by Manly Vintage.

Frances from Venus Meets Vintage and her skirt/dress ($14) + huge selection of purses.

Friends Kati and Lauren.

Sara and Cindy from Lovestory Vintage brought in their amazing vintage selection - and of course a couple of owls (below).

Jillian from Joules Jewels Vintage and the perfect party dress ($60) + her super cool purses and glasses (below).

Alma (Ms. Heaven Gallery) and her crab headband (we should name her, Alma! I'm thinking Loretta...).

Dave (Mr. Heaven Gallery) and the famous phone hat.

Karyn from Max & Chloe Vintage with two of her fave dresses + her super classy shoes (below).

Shopper Nakea

Shopper Sarah (check out her blog here) and the new dress she got from Vintage Heaven.

Shopper Andrea and her stylish friend (below).

Another cool Andrea in da haus!

Samantha and her two rad pairs of glasses.

Ryan and his inseparable stereo (he's looking for a tan leather backpack or briefcase, please let us know if you're selling any).

YAY! Sasha from Kokorokoko stopped by, fresh from the beach.

Alissa and the dress from Slubird Vintage she plans on wearing while performing with her band Milano.

Shopper Andrew looking sharp.