Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June BIG sale

Almita in her cool-relaxed-I-have-to-stand-on-my-feet-all-day-but-still-look-cute style.

Karyn from Max & Chloe, our model for the next flyer.

Shopper Autumn sporting her spring look.

Marie from Great Grandma Agnes and her cute bows.

Lisa and Tanya from Bunny's Trunk Show with their awesome jewelry selection.

Sara from Lovestory Vintage and her mom selling like crazy.

Frances from Venus Meets Vintage dressed to the nines as usual.

France's friend Nicole came to give her a hand (and wear some cute shoes).

Alma's friend Andrea, a regular at Vintage Heaven.

Jen from Jenstyle Chic Vintage and fabulous mom Tony.

Shopper Daniel and his awesome hair.

Love this shopper's bangs!

Our dear shopper Melissa who once drove hours for the perfect pair of gladiators (I'm with you, sister!).

Lana and Meghan from the Pistol Bazaar.

Hats, hats and more hats from Vintage Heaven. Come get yours!!

Kiwon got some clip-ons for her blue satin shoes.

Tavaughn and Helen totally working it.

T. rocking the vest he got at the sale.

Jillian from Joules Jewels Vintage showing how to sit like a lady.

I can't remember this beautiful shopper's name, but I love her look!

Kate from Kate Vintage and her cute jewelry display.

Super stylish Anna and the belt she scored at Vintage Heaven.

I'll tell you this: it was FUN! Thanks to all vendors and shoppers!