Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Isa's picks

Look at all the awesomeness I brought home from the last Vintage Heaven BIG sale:

White. Leather. Dress. This had to be in my closet! By Jenstyle Chic Vintage.

Acid wash. Long. Denim. Skirt. By Gitano. Straight to my closet too! And also from Jenstyle. PS: Jen, I cut off the straps, hope you're not mad, it works better for my frame.

Super cute skirt by Pistol Bazaar. Acid wash + flowers = IT'S MINE! PS: Vintage Heaven vendors: Lana will give you a generous discount during our sale.

This jacket by Lovestory will go really well with the purse I got from them the last time. Karyn, if you still want it I'll resell it to you, that's how much I love you.

A jacket that feeds my Minnie Mouse complex. By Joules Jewels Vintage.

A jacket I got for my hubbie by Great Grandma Agnes.

A lucky find from Bunny's Trunk Show.

A really fly belt by Kate Vintage.

A chic clutch/purse by Max & Chloe Vintage.

And this is because this time I wasn't gonna get anything...