Monday, June 28, 2010

Featured seller: Sarah Louise of Slubird

(Sarah Louise herself in this last shot)

1. How would you describe the style of your pieces?
I like vintage pieces that have a sense of modern flair so they can be seamlessly incorporated in a modern wardrobe, but when I find a piece that I absolutely love it has some small detail that definitely anchors it to the time it was made and makes it unique.

2. What inspires you?
Everything. Between film, television, my family history, old photographs, shopping and blogging I am on a constant sensory overload. I love it, though! I am constantly on the hunt for a certain piece. Colour also inspires me a lot, especially in what I buy. I think there have been so many times where I passed on something simply because I did not like the colour.

3. Who is your fashion icon?
I don't have a particular go-to but since I primarily hunt for midcentury pieces anything from, or set in, that era inspires me, whether it be a tv show set in that time frame, a film still of a 40s starlet, or a fashion blogger wearing a really cute 50s dress. When I see something where I really like how it looks it makes me excited to look at, and I love that.

4. Who is your kind of customer?
I think I have a diverse customer base. I've had customers who never buy vintage but see a certain something that just really speaks to them, some who are collectors, some who mix modern and vintage, some who are looking for wardrobe basics and find a great one-of-a-kind item in my shop. I buy all kinds of things for many different styles and sizes from the 40s to the 80s and I think that helps people find what they are looking for. I do like dresses best and focus on midcentury, because that's my fave, but I buy so many things for the shop that I know aren't for me but would look amazing on the right person, and that's why I love what I do!

5. Where can people find you?
Assuming you mean the internet, I'm all over it! Most updated is my Twitter:, my blog:, and my two Etsy shops. is my vintage shop and my handmade jewelry shop is here: