Thursday, April 29, 2010

Featured Sellers: Mia and Liz from Bummer Town

1. How would you describe the style of your pieces?
The clothes we have range from classic to occasionally trashy but overall, we like things that are quirky without being unwearable. Our tastes are different enough to keep things interesting but we feel that they blend well.

2. What inspires you?
Liz: Things that are hidden or need a little work to see their splendor. Agates! Also eating plenty of candy including the accompanying tummy-ache.
Mia: 90's tv sitcoms, clip art, space, retro futurism, modern futurism, marine life, geometry, YouTube

3. Who is your fashion/design icon?
Liz: I usually gravitate toward mid/late-60's style. Whenever I see photos of my parents when they were married (1967), I feel like they look classic. Whether consciously or not, my goal has been to look like my mom did in that era while attempting to hang out with a fellow as dapper as my dad was.
Mia: I'll pick Grace Jones because her looks and attitude were (and still are!) otherworldly without feeling contrived. Lady Gaga's got nothing on her. I like it when people wear outrageous, flashy things and it doesn't feel so forced, like some stylist plopped it on them to hasten their rise to stardom.

4. Who is your kind of customer?
Anyone who doesn't take clothes too seriously but has an appreciation for things with history.

5. Where can people find you?
Find us on the good ol' Etsy, Facebook and the occasional Chicago sale!